Buffalo Wings & Rings Jordan has sponsored the 3 Kayyali Brothers, Laith Kayyali, Hazem Kayyali, Zak Kayyali in their MMA fight at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Ju-Jitsu Tournament. The tournament kicked off on April 16th 2017. BWR has sponsored the team, where we had our logo placed on their Gi (Uniforms), Gym Bags & Tshirts and the opportunity to gain exposure internationally. This was a chance to reflect our identity as a Sport’s Restaurant & build up the love for the brand.

The Kayyali brothers have brought back home 2 Silver Medals.

By providing support and help to the local community so the brand is more human, has a voice, and is noticed beyond being an international conglomerate that has a sole purpose of making money. Customers expect to carry their weight when it comes to CSR and giving back to the community.

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